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Mar 19 2014 Michael Bourgon: DB_Ops Evolved - Be the Proactive Hero 

Thursday, March 13, 2014 6:16:00 PM Categories: Meeting

6:30 PM Meet & Greet | 7 PM Presentation


DB_Ops Evolved - Be the Proactive Hero

Everybody thinks of DB_Ops as a necessary evil - the people who run the backups & defrag the indexes.  But that's the tip of the iceberg.  We'll run the gamut, from basic free tools and code you're hopefully already using, to hacking the SSISDB catalog to get useful emails, improving on Microsoft's replication monitoring, centralizing your Eventlogs & Errorlogs, environment-wide monitoring based on scripts you write, even changing settings on dozens of server instantly & painlessly.


And we'll tie it all together with use cases garnered from years of automation.  


Don't just be That Guy - show everyone what Ops can do!


About the presenter

Ah, the presenter declined to give a blurb about himself. How shall we repay such humility? Mwah hah hah ah…

A quick cyber stalking reveals that Michael Bourgon tweets at @Mbourgon  and blogs as the Baking DBA.

This guy will shell your ispacs, do wonders with your eventing and in general rock your environment. You won't want to miss a tour of his fav tools tricks.


See you there!


Remember, we meet the third Wednesday of most months. 

Feb 19 2014 Tim Mitchell : Handling Errors and Anomalies in SSIS 

Thursday, February 6, 2014 1:38:00 PM Categories: Meeting



6:30 PM Meet & Greet | 7 PM Presentation



Our funny valentine this year is Tim Mitchell and his SSIS design patterns will make your heart flutter, so don't miss out.


Handling Errors and Anomalies in SSIS

Even in the most reliable ETL system, it's eventually going to happen: A package will fail, an output row count won't match what is expected, a data anomaly will force a forensic search of the package infrastructure... In this session, we'll talk about some of the things that can go wrong during package execution - and some of the defenses that can be built into SSIS to help head off those errors (or at least make the errors easier to troubleshoot). From error handlers to package restartability, and from logging methods to row count validation and remediation, we'll cover various ways to keep your ETL flowing when problems arise.


About the Presenter

Tim Mitchell is a business intelligence consultant, author, and trainer.  He has been working with SQL Server for a decade, working primarily in business intelligence, ETL/SSIS, data quality, and reporting.  He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science from Texas A&M at Commerce, and has been a Microsoft SQL Server MVP since 2010.  Tim is an independent BI consultant and a group principal with Linchpin People.


As an active member of the community, Tim has spoken at international, regional, and local venues including the SQL PASS Summit, SQLBitsSQL ConnectionsSQL Saturday events, and various user groups and webcasts.  Tim is coauthor of the book SSIS Design Patterns, and is a contributing author on the charity book project MVP Deep Dives 2.  He is an active group member and speaker at the North Texas SQL Server User Group in the Dallas area.

You can visit his website and blog at TimMitchell.net or follow him on Twitter at twitter.com/Tim_Mitchell.


See you there!


Remember, we meet the third Wednesday of most months. 

Jan 15 2014 Bryan Smith: Hadoop! 

Tuesday, January 7, 2014 5:51:00 PM Categories: Meeting

We Meet on the Third Wednesday of most months

6:30 PM Meet & Greet | 7 PM Presentation


A mere 8 days from now we kick off the 2014 learning season with an incredibly seasoned and delightful speaker you don't want to miss.


Bryan Smith is a Business Intelligence Technology Specialist with Microsoft and you see him anywhere SQL Server is on tap. It's not a complete SQL Conference if he's not there and we are honored to have him in Fort Worth.


Wednesday night, January 15th, We will explore Hadoop through a combination of presentation and demonstration leveraging HDInsight and C#. Our objective will be to focus on the fundamentals of the technology so that we might then discuss where Hadoop best fits in an enterprise data platform strategy.



Happy New Year to Our Fellow SQL Enthusiasts! 

Tuesday, January 7, 2014 5:49:00 PM Categories: Announcement Meeting


Happy new year to our fellow SQL enthusiasts from the folks at the Fort Worth SQL Server Users Group!


Our new year's resolution every year is to stay current and master the technologies that make us quality professionals and help us explore patterns and move data.


We are a community-based organization which provides, promotes, and directs people to opportunities, education, training, and fellowship related to Microsoft SQL Server and other database technologies in the DFW area.


We facilitate occasional weekend classes  and host monthly meetings to cover topics ranging from SQL queries, SQL Server Reporting Services, SQL Server Integration Services, SQL Server Database implementation and maintenance, Business Intelligence, SharePoint and more.


We have a great spring lined up for you:


January 15: Bryan Smith - Hadoop!

February 19: Tim Mitchell

March 19: Michael Bourgon

April 16: Ryan Adams

Oct 16 2013 Tim Costello : Tableau: Self Service BI made easy 

Thursday, October 10, 2013 8:54:00 AM Categories: Meeting

Wednesday, Oct 16th, 2013

6:30 PM Meet & Greet | 7 PM Presentation


We have Tim Costello back! Show solidarity and sport every scrap of yellow you can find and come see how to transform your data into meaningful information.

Rapid-fire visual analysis. Ad-hoc query capability. Easy interactive dashboard building. No, this isn't going to be a session of buzzword bingo. This time we will actually deliver on the promise of self service BI. Using SQL in conjunction with a visual analysis tool like Tableau, you can help users find the questions they didn't know they wanted to answer. This session will be demo heavy and will highlight best practices in data visualization and dashboard design.


Tim is a business intelligence developer with InterWorks inc. in Dallas, Texas. Tim is passionate about data visualization and helping people realize new insights from their data through data visualization.



Enterprise Information Architecture with Mike Hotek Oct 19th, 26th & Nov 9th 8 AM - 5 PM 

Friday, October 4, 2013 6:21:00 PM Categories: Training

Ah, it's autumn and back to school time with all our friends! The Forth Worth SQL Sever Users Group is here to facilitate a vibrant learning community of information professionals. Mike Hotek is donating his time and vast experience to focus on the fundamental processes that allow you to take data and forge it into actionable information. Any donations for the class will go toward the user group monthly meetings costs (pizza like substances). 

Sign up here to reserve your seat: https://hotekia.eventbrite.com

Day 1 - Oct 19th -  Data Governance

  • Overview
  • Data Governance Program
    • Building a Business Case
    • Charter
    • Roadmap
    • Establishing Metrics
    • Data Architecture
      • Data Modeling
    • Data Quality
    • Data Integration
      • Data Validation
      • Data Lineage
    • Data Management
    • Data Stewardship
    • Master Data Management

Day 2  - Oct 26th -   Enterprise Data Modeling

  • Building a Data Modeling Practice
  • Modeling Tools and Processes
  • Metadata
  • Conceptual Data Modeling
  • Logical Modeling
  • Physical Modeling
  • Data Dictionaries
  • Master Data Modeling

Day 3  - Nov 9th -   Business Intelligence

  • Business Intelligence
    • Enterprise BI Capabilities
    • Enterprise BI platforms
    • Metadata Repositories
    • Data Lineage
  • “Big Data” – what does it REALLY mean to you
  • Data Governance Lifecycle
Instructor Bio:
Mike Hotek is the Senior Business Intelligence Architect for CBRE. He has been building SQL Server systems and database management best practices for almost 20 years and has worked with companies across many industries. Mike has delivered hundreds of sessions and training events around the world and has published numerous articles along with 9 books. He is currently working on book two a four book series on SQL Server. Contact URL: www.ChampionValleySoftware.com 

September 18 Mike Hotek: Build a Scalable Data Validation Framework 

Tuesday, September 10, 2013 10:16:00 PM Categories: Meeting

Wednesday, Sept 18th, 2013

6:30 PM Meet & Greet | 7 PM Presentation


Build a Scalable Data Validation Framework

Millions of ETL applications have been built using DTS, SSIS, Informatica, DataStage, and a host of other products.  The ETL may or may not get tested before it is deployed.  If it gets tested, we run them through some token “sample” data and call it good enough.  Inevitably almost every target database of these ETL applications comes crashing in on itself because no one was watching the single thing these systems are built for, DATA.  Processes blindly moving data around with no clue as to whether everything was actually moved or whether the data is even valid in the first place.  This session will walk you through building a framework using SSIS to perform internal and source to target data validation.


August 21 Russ Loski : Introduction to BIML and BIMLScript 

Tuesday, August 13, 2013 7:39:00 AM Categories: Meeting

Wednesday, Aug 21th, 2013

6:30 PM Meet & Greet | 7 PM Presentation


We would like to apologize for last June. We promised you a Mike lecture and ended up swapping at the last minute do to a little emergency room action. We are all better than ever and back on track.



Microsoft has provided some great tools for creating and editing SSIS packages. First Business Intelligence Development Studio (BIDS) then SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT). However, when creating an SSIS package you frequently repeat the same steps over and over. BIML is an XML markup language designed for representing the structure of an SSIS package. BIML Script takes that structure and generates an SSIS package.In this session we will use BIDS Helper to create a simple SSIS package using BIML. We will handle a couple SSIS scenarios with BIML and BIML Script.


Russ Loski is a SQL Server developer and occasional DBA with fifteen years of experience.  He has designed databases and created the SQL code to support applications for the Dallas Cowboys, Bank of America, T-Mobile, Coca Cola Enterprises and others.  In addition, Russ has developed large data loading projects using Microsoft's SQL Server Integration Services and its predecessor Data Transformation Services.  He has developed reports using SQL Server Reporting Services.  Russ is a regular contributor to the MSDN news groups as well as to the SQL Saturday events sponsored by SQL PASS.  He occasionally blogs at http://www.sqlmovers.com and his twitter account is @sqlmovers.

Additional notes: Dominic Nagy over at the InSource Group has a couple of contract to hire gigs in both Las Colinas (Database Developer) and Addison (SQL DBA/Developer).


Also, Paul LaGrone is making his way back North! Look for his new users group to be starting in Waco! 

July 17 2013 Clint Hutchison : Understanding MS SQL- A Journey Through Change Data Capture 

Tuesday, July 16, 2013 5:24:00 AM Categories: Meeting

Wednesday, July 17th, 2013

6:30 PM Meet & Greet | 7 PM Presentation


We are delighted to have Clint help us celebrate our 7th year anniversary as a user group! He's working with many great technologies in his shop and we can't wait to hear more. 



The ETL consultants wowed us with their proof of concept, but a few records per million kept slipping through the cracks.
The diagnosis was exhausting, but the solution was simple.
Join Clint Hutchison of Heartland Payment Services for an evening of mysterious bugs, low-level mechanics, and sound advice. 

June 19 2013 Mike Hotek : Unit Testing 

Monday, June 17, 2013 12:35:00 PM

Wednesday, June 19th, 2013

6:30 PM Meet & Greet | 7 PM Presentation



To meet the needs of rapid application development and the rapidly changing needs of the business, your database code needs to be resilient.  Even the most resilient code can become incredibly expensive when things break.  Catching issues early in a development cycle saves time, money, and a lot of sleepless nights.  In this session, we will go over the basics of unit testing and how to apply the unit testing framework that ships with SSDT coupled with Team Foundation Server to add continuous integration testing to your database code.



Mike Hotek is the Senior Business Intelligence Architect for CBRE. He has been building SQL Server systems and database management best practices for almost 20 years having worked with thousands of companies and on the largest, most complicated platforms in the world. Mike has delivered hundreds of sessions and training events around the world and has published numerous articles along with 9 books. He is currently working on book two a four book series on SQL Server.


Contact URL: http://www.ChampionValleySoftware.com

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