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An introduction to the Azure Data Lake and U-SQL 

By Russ Loski
Posted by altadmin Monday, October 17, 2016 9:36:00 AM Categories: Announcement Meeting
Data is exploding across enterprises. Much of it is semi-structured junk. Or is it junk? What are you going to do with it until you can explore it? Microsoft’s Azure Data Lake is a cloud storage and analytical service for parking a variety of data. When you are ready to discover what is in those files you can spin up the resources you need and run ANSI SQL queries using the U-SQL language. You can join those files to other files and even to SQL Server on Azure in a single query.
After we look at how easy it is to set up a Data Lake we will develop some simple queries against files that I have already loaded into the data lake. We will run a query against a set of files with over 15 GB of data. We will look at the different SQL elements that we are all familiar with (grouping, where clauses) and note the similarities and glaring differences between U-SQL and T-SQL.

Bio: Russ Loski is a local SQL Server developer in the DFW area. He has worked with SQL Server since version 6.5. His passion is finding ways to get information out of a variety of formats from SQL Server to comma delimited files. He is currently working as a contract ETL developer at Baylor Scott & White.

6:30 PM Meet & Greet | 7 PM Presentation

Dynamic SSIS packages using C# and BIML: Paul LaGrone 

Happy Anniversary and Welcome back Paul!
Sunday, July 17, 2016 11:56:00 PM Categories: Announcement Meeting

For our tenth year anniversary as a Users Group, our original founder is making the journey all the way back from Florida to speak Wednesday night!

That's right, Paul LaGrone is BACK! He'll be showing us how to build Dynamic SSIS packages using C# and BIML.

Come say hi to Paul and have a little fun with BIML.

The Modern Data Warehouse in the Cloud with Azure 

Presented by Neal Hollingsworth
Posted by altadmin Sunday, June 12, 2016 3:01:00 PM Categories: Announcement Meeting
Topic: This presentation explains end to end, the Microsoft architectural and software solution for a data issue that faced Cook Children's that could be the solution for many other businesses, too. This is the newest way to handle non-relational data in an extremely efficient manner.
Bio: "I've worked with SQL Server for 12 years or more in many different roles. I'm kind of a jack of all trades; master of none. My current role is Senior Business Intelligence Analyst with Cook Children's."
- Neal Hollingsworth
LinkedIn profile:

6:30 PM Meet & Greet | 7:00 - 8:00 Forum on Topics

April 20: Intro to Agile Data Warehouse Design 

Speaker: Tim Costello
Sunday, April 17, 2016 10:45:00 PM Categories: Announcement Meeting
Can Data Warehouse Design be agile? You bet! In this session, we will explore the ways we can be more agile, collaborative, iterative and successful with our dimensional designs. Data Warehouse ... here we come! Tim Costello is a data enthusiast, data warehouse architect, Tableau trainer and occasionaly writes half way good SQL. (NOTE: That's Tim saying that! We here at FWSSUG know how great he truly is!!!) 6:30 PM Meet & Greet | 7 PM FWSSUG Future Plans | 7:30 - 8:30 Presentation

Jan 20 No Meeting 

Posted by dbo.judith Monday, January 18, 2016 9:25:00 PM Categories: Announcement Meeting

We are opening our 10th year as a user group on February 17th with our very own Andy Eggers!

Also, we also have Paul LaGrone coming all the way back from Florida this July to help us celebrate! Good times ahead.

Look for several of us at the Austin SQL Saturday this month too:

Happy 2016 and see you in February.

Time out for our hosting provider 

Posted by dbo.judith Thursday, October 8, 2015 9:27:00 PM Categories: Announcement
Well, it's a good thing we know about backups and restores. Thanks for everybody that sent a heads up about the site. I have about 6 or so different sites hosted on various servers and when I let the hosting service know I couldn't reach a couple of those servers, the ticket submission failed to post. Then the follow up email I sent even bounced. I hate days like that. So here's to all the hard working geeks that reversed that sorry state! Thank you very much and I hope you get to sleep soon! Judith

Happy New Year - And Get Well Soon!  

Tuesday, January 13, 2015 10:29:00 PM Categories: Announcement Meeting Training

Well wishes to our Mascot who is recovering. Let's all wish him a much better rest of the year.

We normally facilitate a small segment of time the third Wednesday of the month to get together and learn about SQL Server and related database technologies. 

We want to start out the first quarter of 2015 a little differently How about we trade you three Wednesday evening 1 hour sessions for 3 full day training classes? Would you take that trade? 

We are finalizing another round of Saturday classes. Back by popular demand, Mike Hotek is giving up more of his weekend time. 

The 3 days of topics coming the last Saturday in Feb and the first two Saturdays in March: 

Real World Data Warehouse Build

You’ve seen plenty of theoretical articles, lots of demos of disconnected snippets of solutions.  We’re going to take all of these items plus a lot more and put them together into something useable and practical to build a real solution from start to finish. This class will provide the knowledge necessary to implement all of the processes you need to quickly, flexibly, and incrementally build out a data warehouse.  You don’t need weeks of contiguous blocks of time, you just need a few hours here and there, directed appropriately to have a large impact. In this class we will cover the following:

Team Foundation Server (TFS)

What it is, how you use it, and why you need it (or a tool like it)

Source code control

What it is, how to implement it, how to manage your source code, branching/merging

 Work items

Planning your work

Packaging into deliverable components (user stories)

Breaking down business deliverables into technical tasks (tasks)

Estimating work

Work flows

Data modeling

Building out a warehouse model

Source control

Data Dictionaries


Automation macros

Basic ETL framework

Building your T-SQL layer

Merge procs

Watermark procs

Code generating the T-SQL layer

Unit testing

                     What is it, why you do it, how you do it

ETL workflows

Code generating the T-SQL layer

Code generating your SSIS packages using Biml

SSIS deployments





Happy New Year to Our Fellow SQL Enthusiasts! 

Tuesday, January 7, 2014 5:49:00 PM Categories: Announcement Meeting


Happy new year to our fellow SQL enthusiasts from the folks at the Fort Worth SQL Server Users Group!


Our new year's resolution every year is to stay current and master the technologies that make us quality professionals and help us explore patterns and move data.


We are a community-based organization which provides, promotes, and directs people to opportunities, education, training, and fellowship related to Microsoft SQL Server and other database technologies in the DFW area.


We facilitate occasional weekend classes  and host monthly meetings to cover topics ranging from SQL queries, SQL Server Reporting Services, SQL Server Integration Services, SQL Server Database implementation and maintenance, Business Intelligence, SharePoint and more.


We have a great spring lined up for you:


January 15: Bryan Smith - Hadoop!

February 19: Tim Mitchell

March 19: Michael Bourgon

April 16: Ryan Adams

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