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May 16, 2012 Judith Hotek : SQL 2012 File Table in Use 

Tuesday, May 15, 2012 7:52:00 AM Categories: Meeting

We've all been very excited about all the promise  the File Table feature extension holds.


Can you imagine being able to finally dump unstructured files into SQL Server and still be able to access them in their native format in windows explorer? There's no ugly GUID names as there was with File Stream only in 2008. Your existing apps can simply reference a file share and not have to be rewritten to go through SQL Server. Sound too good to be true? Try implementing it and you will learn there are trade offs. 


Two of your comfortable old tools, a SQL Server  table and a file folder,  will look like they used to but will behave in quirky knew ways till you get used to the new combination.


Other considerations:

Just how well does File Table play with Antivirus? What does the security look like? What nasty files and apps could someone drop onto my SQL Server??  What do you mean non-transacted data? Can I track who is looking at files this way? Can I replicate these files and back them up? What happens if I detach a file table? Will it ever reattach? What happens if I reference my file table rows in other tables to add metadata? We can't get to demos for all those questions in one hour, but they are the sorts of things to start asking yourself if you think this might be a great solution for some of your business needs.

 I've been dragging my feet on emailing you the monthly meeting announcement because it's me speaking this time around. We meet the third Wednesday of most months in southwest Fort Worth. Thank you  Mark Valentino and Freese & Nichols for graciously hosting us!

Food and friends at 6:30

File Table exploration at 7PM




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