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Apr 18, 2012 Brian Guarnieri SAN TOPOLOGY 101: How do I know if my SAN Administrator is lying to me?  

Friday, April 13, 2012 6:15:00 AM Categories: Meeting

Our very own Brian G is back at the podium to talk about all the SAN stuff no one in the database world seems to talk about but we all have to understand.

Your job is to use up disk resources and the SAN man's job is to protect and keep those resources. So the fight is on! G.I. Joe says knowing is half the battle. Here's some of what Brian will arm you with:

What is a SAN Anyway?

  • Quick review of RAID 5, 0, 1, 10, 1+0
  • Common SAN Data Protocols
    •   SCSI
    •   i-SCSI
    •   Fibre Channel
  • Connective Media
    •    Fibre Optics
    •    Ehternet


  • SAN Components
    •    HBA (Host Bus Adapter)
    •    PCI Express BUS
    •    SVC (San Volume Controller)/Zoning
    •    SAN FABRIC 
    •    SWITCHES
    •    Disk Array / Striping
  • A SAN by ANY Other Name
    •      SAN in a Box//Card - Direct Attached Storage (External & Internal)
    •      NAND Flash Drives (Fusion IO)
    •      RAM SAN (RAM SAN) 


  • How does a SAN work?
    •      SAN Fabric, Management, HotZones
    •      Zoning
    •      CLUSTER AWARENESS and SOFTWARE RAID by VERITAS: Why it hurts and how bad.  
    •      Putting it all together
  • How do I know if My San Administrator is lying?
    •      What does he look like? Is he shifty? 
    •      Latency verse Bandwidth
    •      T-SQL Queries to show the Jig is up
    •      SQL Simulator
    •      IOMeter
    •      How many spindles is enough? Spindle Gluttony.
    •      Why does my Latency graph have a Heart Beat?




​Food and Wookiee Language Lessons at 6:30 (See Jack)

Fun with SANs at 7:00


​See you there

​The folks at the Fort Worth SQL Server Users Group


​We meet the third Wednesday of most months





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