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Mar 21, 2012 Mike Hotek DBA 101 

Thursday, March 1, 2012 10:56:00 PM Categories: Meeting

Back in January Mike Hotek had two topics. Hierarchy IDs ended up being a substantial enough topic to hog up the whole meeting. He's offered to take a break from writing his SQL Server 2012 books and come back to address that second topic.  

He's back in March with DBA 101: Figuring out THE most important deficiency 

You walk into or are handed a completely dysfunctional SQL Server environment, where do you start and how do you fix it without going insane or working 200 hours a week.

Also, March 7th is the SQL 2012 online launch event:
Editorial note: For those of you who joined in the Hierarchy data type and graph theory discussion, did you run home and reread some of the NoSQL buzz that has been surfacing the last few years? Graph databases may be finding their niche to solve a number of interesting problems but the needs of most business still rest on good old relational databases. Fortunately our good old relational DBMS can handle some interesting graph theory problems as well. 
Join us on the third Wednesday of the month.
Post SQL Server 2012 launch buzz and munchies at 6:30 PM
Michael Hotek SQL Server experience download starting at 7 PM
See you there!



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